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Modern Rock, New Wave, New Rock, Alternative Rock
with a mix of other great classics,
That's the new sound of GoFM!

If you grew up listening to WLIR/Long Island, WFNX/Boston, KROQ/Los Angeles, 91X/San Diego among many other adventurous radio stations 
that decided "Stairway to Heaven" no longer represented their listeners or if you appreciate classic alternative music while loving the music of today as we do, then the New Sound of GoFM may be exactly what you're looking for!  

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SoftRockRadio plays a unique mix of singer/songwriter based classic soft rock along with some other classics from the 70s, 80s and a touch of the 90s.


The format is modeled after classic radio stations that existed up until the early 80s that emphasized singer-songwriter acoustic and rock based songs and artists, like those listed above.  Though some pop based songs of the era are played, you won't hear Mariah Carey or Celine Dion.

New Text Number:  603-945-0459

Twitter: @gofmradio
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